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I have been asked a number of times to include a note about where the calendar photos were taken.  There is not enough room to do that and also have a quote with each picture so…I have decided to write a short note about the main photo for each month and also include several photos that didn’t make the final cut for the calendar but are interesting nonetheless.  I hope you enjoy it and will share your thoughts.


January 2015 - Pocologan, New Brunswick, Canada –  The first day of our vacation dawned wind-whipped and stormy as the tail end of a hurricane passed off shore.  The rental house, which sits on small bluff tucked inside a rocky cove, was protected from the worst of it, but not completely exempt.  We cracked open the bedroom window and let the roar of the ocean spill into the room, listening to the mesmerizing sound of millions of beach rocks jostling together as the waves drained down the steep slope back into the sea.  Cold air pooled around my bare feet and I was already mentally backpedaling  about my early morning plan to catch the sunrise. But as I headed back to bed my husband saw a thread of orange-gold – not on the horizon, which was socked in like lamb’s wool - but up in the sky, draped across the top of a cloud.  We watched as the sky began to lighten and change color. Minutes later I was out on the point gingerly climbing over the wet rocks, camera in hand.  January’s photo is the sunrise that followed.  It symbolizes the beginning of a new day and a new year and the quote truly speaks to that morning.  Soon after the spectacular display, fog and gloom rolled back in leaving no trace of the sun.

Here are a few other photos I’d like to share.  Just click an image to enlarge.

January 2015

January 2015 "Only that day dawns to which we are awake. The sun is but a morning star." - Henry David Thoreau



Sea birds flying towards the end of the cove.












Lobster buoys - Owl's Head, Maine - I love the bright colors playing against the shadows; the vertical lines balanced with the horizontal and the red doors.


















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